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Forgotten tradition – the woman quite successfully manages to keep it, revive it and nurture it and to wove the forgotten traditional skills even today, in a new, creative, modern way, as one creative masterpiece of colors, selection of their coloring, the fabrics, the embroiders. The women that create these unique handicrafts, by mixing …

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Silver lace, timeless jewellery, eternal inspiration, past, present.  From olden days to present, excellent pieces made by craftsmen who create the filigree jewellery with impressive richness of shapes, symbols and glamour. The filigree is one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms created by man. This technique is used for centuries in Macedonia. The …

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Children’s kingdom, with handful of adventure, dreaming and fantasy. At one place, all of them are transformed into modern and urban corners. Those are the playhouses. That is the adventure that needs to be accepted, in order to live every dream better, every fantasy, because here are so many unique contents, a lot of undiscovered …

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