Forgotten tradition – the woman quite successfully manages to keep it, revive it and nurture it and to wove the forgotten traditional skills even today, in a new, creative, modern way, as one creative masterpiece of colors, selection of their coloring, the fabrics, the embroiders. The women that create these unique handicrafts, by mixing the traditional and the modern, they give the ordinary something unordinary, and with that they create numerous knitted and embroidered handicrafts. With their exceptional creativity, these crafty hands, manage to knit their multicolored pieces. The work with thread and needle, the creation of forms of items, as a fruit of their fantasy, that shall be useful for the people, are their way of living, their transferring of all the creative energy, from the soul to a certain product. Whether it is knitting, or embroidering, they always manage to create an image, an item, as a reflection of their fantasy. Every woman has her own style of creating, a process that is slow, demands time and dedication, demands perfection and good mastership. The tradition of embroidering and knitting unique handicrafts is slowly fading. The handicraft of our grandmothers and mothers is less and less nurtured, and in our lives, the machine produced items are the ones that surround us, in our environment and in our homes. As much as they are beautiful and modern, they do not have the one that is most important, the soul, and the emotions that are transferred from the handicraft. If we go back in the past, we will say that our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers were quite busy. They always found time for handicraft, embroidering, knitting, sewing, in order to nurture and keep the tradition, and the handicraft was a jewel for the eyes, a fest for the soul, something that kept them calm, in the long days filled with lot of work, sights, worries, and sadness. Therefore, let’s give them a chance to survive, to love them and nurture them, to appreciate and buy them. Since, they are our past, our presence and our future.

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