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Svetlana Dimovska is owner of the fashion studio “Svetle & Jule”. She offers design and custom sewing to her female clients. The fashion studio creates formal dresses, bridal dresses, standard dresses, female suits, winter coats and other female clothing. The services offered by the fashion studio “Svetle & Jule” provide for the clients a unique design, accessible price, qualitative creation and professional service. The brand “Svetle & Jule” is built by gaining trust with the clients by providing professionalism in their working. The studio is located at an attractive location in the elite suburb Ajduchko maalo in Tetovo.

According to Svetle, the style that we wear speaks a lot for every person, which is why it is important to build a style that reflects us and our personality.

Our motto is “The place where your dream clothes become reality”.