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Slavica Paunoska is the owner of the Hairdressing Salon “Caci” in the village of Chelopek. The salon opened in 2017 and in a short time it managed to create a reputation and recognition in the village. Customers are women of various nationalities, Macedonian and Albanian, who pay special attention to their appearance.

Slavica: Every woman should be recognizable in some way for her beautiful, healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair. Good and quality haircut always follows the shape and features of the face, the quality of the hair, the relief of the customer when maintaining and shaping the hair. Layered, non-layered, short boy cut for women or asymmetrical haircuts are just a few of the ways to cut hair. Haircuts should always be a combination of modern, urban, different and effective styling of your hair.

Professional hair styling combined with hair tinting is a perfect match for those who want to have playfulness of hair colours and always be with a unique and recognizable style.
Choosing brighter and fresher colours is always suitable for the summer, while shades of chocolate, honey or coffee are always suitable for autumn or colder periods. Over time, hair dyeing is increasingly transforming into a process with the addition of an artistic accent in which the skill and creativity of the stylist play a major role.

Slavica also offers professional make-up in its services. Make-up is a decorative facial treatment that uses a variety of decorative products and products tailored to your skin type, using make-up accessories. Professional make-up allows your face to look younger, more attractive and fresher.

It is more than clear that such an amazing effect requires a lot of effort, time and professional care, so come to the “CACI” Salon and let us take care of your external beauty.