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Salije Demiri is a female artisan from Tetovo, who draws her love and inspiration for her business from her family. Salije Demiri is involved in handcrafting and embroidery of caftans, dresses, shirts, sirwals, wedding beddings and various clothes for traditional celebrations. She has learnt the embroidery technique for traditional clothing at her earliest age from her mother, who was also tailor artisan and since 12 years old, she is tailoring, sewing and embroidering. Her most frequent customers are the traditional Albanian women that respect the tradition and the festive moment of getting married and they want to mark that moment with traditional Albanian clothing.

Although, we are living in modern era and we have modern habits, the women, when they are getting married, on their wedding day, they wear special traditional clothing, says Salije.

The tradition of embroidering with gold or silver thread and handcrafting traditional female wedding dresses were always recognizable thanks to the crafty hands of the Albanian women, who has transferred the patience and the secret of the handcrafting from generation to generation.

Today, Salije is owner of a shop in Tetovo and she is successfully creating a brand that is one of the most wanted in Tetovo due to the quality and the speed of creating.