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Pavlina Shikaleska is successful artist and filigree artisan. She was born in Ohrid and from very early age began creating filigree with silver-guild thread with her mother. Later, she masters the love for this technique and begins creating filigree with thin silver thread. The themes that she creates with the filigree thread are different from geometrical shapes to flowers and animals. Each piece is unique, incredible, result of the current inspiration. Through her patience, skill, precision, originality inserted in the creation of silver filigree, Pavlina gives personal stamp on each of her creations. In her small pieces of art she includes semiprecious gemstones to provide for additional beauty.  She finds inspiration in the rich Macedonian culture, but she also includes elements from the modern culture. At the moment, she is the owner and manager of an atelier in the center of Ohrid.

Pavlina Shikalieska shall continue to create in future, at the same time leaving her mark in the Macedonian folklore art of handmade artworks.