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Nena Kochareva Zhupan – Gallery BUKEFAL


One of the main activities of Nena and the gallery Bukefal is promoting and presenting artworks by Macedonian authors in Macedonia and abroad and presenting qualitative artists from abroad in Macedonia.

The gallery Bukefal is a long-term project that in the past years has presented more than 200 authors and more than 3000 artworks. It has established collaboration with several galleries from Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, USA, Montenegro, Albania and others.

Here, you will find an impressive collection of artworks by Zhani Gelevska Veljanovska with her art piece On Time, Ana Temkova – picture with title: Spring,

Picture with title: Imaginary story Artist Trajche Janchevski.

Windy meadow Artist Aleksandar Zafirovski,

Picture with title: An unknown star symphony Artist Jordan Manasijeski,

Picture with title: Urban tradition  Artist Dancho Ordev

Picture with title: The joy and happiness on the wind Artist Vancho Jakov,

Picture with title:  Plain air Artist Rubens Korubin

Picture with title: Magic of Ohrid  Artist Mirko Vuisic

Picture with title: White sunset  Artist Miroslav Masin, and many other, all authentic in their own style


We are sure that you will be enchanted from the glamour and glow of the art.

You will wish to dip the brush and paint the mélange of the world, from the emotions inspired in you.


Open your mind and heart and enter the art world.


A place where you will want to return again.


Do not miss a chance to visit the gallery BUKEFAL and with Nena Kochareva – Zhupan to select a story for you and your home.