• Project Gallery

After a long-term working experience, Fatmire decided to create new own story by opening her own shop. Her personal desire for development and improvement motivate her to create new artworks.


She creates decorations for boxes, wedding items, for canna, she creates bridal bouquets of artificial flowers, decorates wedding glasses with flowers and feathers. She also creates gifts for circumcision ceremony, handkerchiefs for the bride when she is dancing at the wedding, flowers for the bride and the mother-in-law.


You can also find a wedding set for the rings, glasses decorated with pearls and stones, mirror, decorations, pearls, scissors, glass hearts, plastic roses…


Materials that are used are from plastic, satin, artificial flowers, artificial little pearls, decorative stones, feathers…


If you need to go to a wedding, a circumcision ceremony, birthday and you need decorative items, you will definitely find them here.


Fatmire’s crafty hands create interesting creations.


For your most precious moments to be unforgettable, choose details that will enrich the ceremony.



Please come to TP RITA DEKOR and visit Fatmire.