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Daniela Petreska is owner of atelier “Dani Art” from Ohrid. Her profession is drawing glass (photos, items, door glass and windows, etc.) and decoupage. Atelier “Dani Art” offers wide selection of wood carvings, icons, wood products, souvenirs, bookmarks and jewelry with their entire variety.

She began working with this years ago, at the beginning only as a hobby by expressing her creativity, and from 2016 she is working professionally with the technique. Her products are exhibited at several places in Ohrid, and she also sells in other towns with delivery. In addition, she creates by request. Exemplary recognition of her art and fruitful experience is the entire equipping with pictures of apartments in well-known hotels and restaurants, as well as vase drawing for the needs of public institutions.

Daniela Petreska is entirely dedicated to her art which is transformed in magnificent art works. Each new product is unique and can never be the same with the previous one, since it is a handmade creation.