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Danche Naumoska is a female entrepreneur, owner of the craft shop – Copper Art in Ohrid. In her 20-year experience of modern and antique art pieces, she mostly works with copper, silver, yellow metal and gold plating.
Her beginnings were long time ago, when the love for creating copper items was transferred from her father in his workshop. She discovered the skill very easy, when from each movement and connection with the copper a new piece was born, quite unique and own. “I was mostly attracted by the colours that copper changed during oxidation.”
This is a profession which demands consistence, patience, desire, crafty hands and a lot of love for the final product to be perfectly successful. The atelier is a symbolic place of self-discovery and a place where all beautiful stories are born from the piece itself. The pieces are her self-portrait, the biggest inspiration for all beautiful things.
Through her creations, she presents a piece of the Macedonian cultural heritage, traditional, religious and other motives as per clients’ wishes.
Her atelier also offers copies of the golden masks and other findings, various icons, Ohrid motives, abstract and modern art pieces, combination of wood and copper and unique jewellery pieces.