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Blagorodna Josifovska has origin from the region of Kichevo, but lives and creates in Ohrid. For 20 years now, she crafts ethno pieces. Blagorodna is owner of a shop “Traditional eco ethno house” in the old bazar in Ohrid, where she works with her sister and mother who is 88 years old. She has inherited the craft from her mother and for 20 years they are successful in their work. They work with production and trade of natural organic cosmetics (based on honey and propolis), as well as handcrafted souvenirs, jewelry and Macedonian handcraft

One of the most wanted cosmetic preparation that is made by Blagorodna are: drops for night care for face made of propolis and cream for psoriasis.  These products are demanded and ordered from different places in the world.


Singing is her great love, she also has recorded a CD with Macedonian traditional music “Akapela”, the only one in the country.

The tradition and the respect towards the past as a source of inspiration mark Blagorodna’s work. The huge amount of positive energy shall make you to come back again.