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Belka Mustafa is owner of a boutique in Tetovo for traditional Albanian bridal clothing. She has a 20 years of experience in sewing and embroidering of national Albanian clothing, which she learnt from her mother and grandmother. Belka Mustafa creates doublet, caftans, dimije (Turkish trousers), dresses (festive and bridal), handcrafted with golden thread or sewed by a machine.  These festive clothing items are glamorous with their creation and offer authenticity of your look. They can be created as per the wishes of every women and in every size. Belka enriches her models with various details that complement the look of the entire creation.

Belka Mustafa: Although, we are living in modern era and we have modern habits, the Albanina women, when they are getting married, they wear special traditional clothing. The tradition with embroidering with gold or silver thread and handcrafting traditional female wedding dress were always recognizable thanks to the crafty hands of the Albanian women, who has transferred the patience and the secret of the handcrafting from generation to generation.

The tradition is the source of inspiration for Belka Mustafa. She dedicates huge respect for the culture and tradition and believes that every Albanian woman should celebrate the most important moments in her life worthily.