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Angela Petrushevska is successful female entrepreneur in the company AZUR-MA, which is a family business and in the past 3 years builds a recognizable brand in the region. The company produces natural soaps from natural raw materials, containing honey and goat milk. The production is expanded with laundry soaps, grounded for laundering by hand and machine and in coarse condition. All raw materials that are used in the production are purchased from the rural areas in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The production is located in the region of Polog in the Republic of North Macedonia (Tetovo). Our company is investing in new equipment and technology continuously and in that way we manage to improve the production and to achieve higher working standards. Currently we have a solid production capacity for the needs of the Macedonian market. At the moment, our clients are pharmacies and markets in the Republic of North Macedonia, and we also have direct sale to end buyers by participating at mini sale fairs, orders by phone, internet, etc.

In future, we plan to continue with new investments and to increase the spectrum of products and to enter more markets in the region.