Orders by phone and e-mail

If you do not have enough time to place your order through our online store, we give you the opportunity to do so via our telephone number 075 421 174 or via e-mail at info@womenpoweron.mk and at the same time (without contacting our operators) you can contact each woman entrepreneur individually at the contacts left at each individual store (e-mail address and contact telephone).

The telephone operators are available in the period from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30 o’clock. On weekends and holidays, orders are only available through our website, so the phone number is not in function.


1. If you decide to contact our operators, they will help you in the registration process, the use and functionality of online sales, search for items, as well as choosing the last steps in the purchase. If you decide to place your order through our operators, by phone or e-mail, you will be required to leave us information about: recipient delivery address and contact telephone number

  • recipient
  • delivery address
  • and contact telephone number

We will send you an offer with a payment slip or we will deliver the shipment to the given address, with the possibility of payment upon the delivery itself (in cash).

2. If you decide to contact the women entrepreneurs directly for the product you are interested in, please ask for information at their stores (tab on the home page ENTREPRENEURS, subcategory LIST OF STORES and LIST OF ENTREPRENEURS). E-mail addresses and phone numbers for contact are available on each store left by each woman individually.

In direct communication with women entrepreneurs, you should also leave your details about the order and the desired product.

  • recipient
  • delivery address
  • and contact telephone number

For custom-made orders, please contact the woman entrepreneur directly in order to agree on the model details, dimensions and manufacturing time and delivery time of the desired product.

Due to the complexity of the project (a number of individual stores (women entrepreneurs)) that make direct deliveries to the end buyer, credit card payments are currently unavailable.


For the services offered by women entrepreneurs (SERVICES category), please contact the women entrepreneurs directly for a detailed agreement on the desired service.

Telephone contacts (e-mail address and telephone numbers) are available on each page of each woman individually.

If you need additional information on the SERVICES offered by women and you cannot find the information you need on our e-shop, feel free to contact our operators.