The project “Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area” is implemented within the “Programme for cross-border collaboration of Republic of North Macedonia and Albania for 2014 and 2015” and is funded by the EU Delegation. The project is implemented by the Centre for Change Management – CCM, together with the partner organizations – Human Rights Institute, the Foundation Egalite and the Centre for Comparative and International Studies from Albania.

The main aim of the project is to increase the female competition and to strengthen the female entrepreneurship in the region of Polog and Elbasan, and to provide sustainable solutions for developing micro and small business owned by women in the cross-border area.

Specific goals of the project:

  1. To increase the personal entrepreneurship skills and business competencies of the women involved in formal or unformal business.
  2. To provide services for legal support in the business operations.
  3. To improve the production, the access to market opportunities and opportunities for business development and to increase the cross-border collaboration.
  4. To improve/revise the government measures and policies for local and national support of the female entrepreneurship.

Results of the project:

Result 1. Improved skills and competencies in business management, risk decreasing and general entrepreneurship attitudes and business values;

Result 2. Established business consulting services for female entrepreneurs in order to increase the economic activities and business development;

Result 3. Disseminated services for legal and economic support and information on duties, taxes, rights and obligations for entrepreneurs and individual advices on legal and economic matters.

Result 4. Increased economic activity in production, trade and sale of local products as a result of increased design, packaging, cross-border cooperation and/or online shop and marketing.

Result 5. New political measures developed with the mutual activity of the local and national authorities in order to use the benefits of the women in business.

Project activities:

  1. Recruiting and identification of potential female entrepreneurs.
  2. Implementing business consulting services for providing support on improving the business operations – increased scope of production or services, improved design, packaging of the products, marketing and sale.
  3. Providing service for legal and economic support – provision of information on legal rights and responsibilities of the business operating and legal aid and counselling.
  4. Organization of direct marketing services and mutual activities for e-commerce for selling products on international market.
  5. Analysis of development of the women’s micro enterprise and production of new and improved measures of the policy.


The Centre for Change management (CCM) is the main implementer of the project. (CCM) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization that promotes understanding and nonviolent social change.

The organization focuses on soft measures and policies that help various entities accept changes in society as normal situations and turn them into positive outcomes.

The organization believes that strengthening the capacity of public administration, civil society, business community, EU integration and investment in people are the main agents of change in society.

Our goals and objectives are:

  • Strengthening the administrative capacity of the public administration
  • Investment and development of people
  • European integration and regional cooperation
  • Public change management, sustainability and development
  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • Automation of processes

Cooperation with other legal and physical entities, international organizations, government bodies, institutions, NGOs and private sector for the implementation and achievement of objectives of the organization

Centre for Change Management (CCM) implements projects that aim to contribute to the development of our society and region.  We have several years of experience with various state institutions in Macedonia and extensive cooperation with civil society and the business sector at home and abroad.

We support democracy and open ideas in different sectors of society. We base our projects on the method: realize, check and act.


The Foundation for support of female entrepreneurship and youth – EGALITE is a non-profit organization in the region of Polog, whose mission is to support the entrepreneurship development, the civic initiatives and the public sector in mobilizing the sources of rural development and strengthening the marginalized groups. EGALITE has established strategic cooperation with the rural municipalities in the region of Polog in creating and implementing local policies and programmes and has relevant experience in developing and implementing interventions on capacity building based on the needs for economic qualification of the rural women. In the past years, EGALITE, in partnership with the Project on expanding small businesses, has implemented the initiative on female businesses.

The Human Rights Institute – HRI is a civic association established in 2009. The main focus of the Institute are the human rights, that is, their provision, promotion, improvement and protection by research, analysis, education, representation and other ways of action. Within the “Microenterprise development project for women in the cross-border area”, the Institute educated the women on the legal aspects of managing the enterprises.

Centre for comparative and international studies from Albania – CCIS is established as civic organization with a focus on regional and sustainable development. The Centre works in partnership with research centres and universities, youth and local communities, civic groups and non-profit organizations, as well as the public and private sector. CCIS has a well-established networks of partners in Albania and in Southeastern Europe, especially in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia.

With their versatile qualified expertise and well-known pool of consultants and excellent performances in project development, CCIS continues to be a leading think tank in Albania, primary working in the following areas: good management, human rights and safety, sustainable development, youth and social innovations. CCIS prepares documents, research reports; organizes conferences, programmes on capacity building and public events.